It is the responsibility of every Goan to ensure that, our Government passes the Person pf Goan Origin (POGO) bill in the next assembly session; and for that we, Revolutionary Goans need your support”, appealed Manoj Parab to Goans in a press conference held today at Panjim. Revolutionary Goans team members, Vishvesh Naik, Viresh Borkar, Nitesh Borkar & Chetan Bandodkar were present with Manoj.

“We had given the POGO bill copies to all the MLA’s of Goa days before the assembly session. But not a single MLA studied the bill properly. The part of the bill was tabled by Mr. Reginald on the last day where he could not even answer a question, “who is POGO?” when asked by CM. No MLA bothered to table the bill in assembly for the last 3 weeks and this was taken half-heartedly on the last day of the session. We have clearly defined the person of Goan origin in our bill and still, no MLA could stand up for Niz Goenkar in the assembly. The 15 years domicile is not acceptable for us at ant cost. The flag bearer of the so-called “Goen, Goenkar and Goenkarpon” leader Vijay and his two MLAs did not open their mouth. The assembly, in turn, passed the bills for Non-Goan marriage registration in the Goa and useless bills like a portrait of ex-Chief Ministers, etc.”, Manoj Parab informed media.

Revolutionary Goans also filed a Name Change amendment named, THE GOA CHANGE OF NAME AND SURNAME (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2019. Revolutionary Goans are perturbed by the way several migrants are changing their names to Goan names for benefits and other nefarious activities they are indulged into. Multiple litigations are ongoing where the names were taken of Goan family or person and properties are transferred thus putting our Goan brothers and sisters into difficult situations.

Revolutionary Goans demanded that the usage of this name change law shall be allowed to only POGO, i.e. Person of Goan Origin. But as usual, elected representatives neglected this demand as well which was for the betterment of Goans and which would have preserved the identity of Goans.

This assembly session, we have seen how Elected Representatives are after saving their migrant vote bank and for them, Goenkar is non-existent in their own land. These elected representatives divide Goans and take benefits out of it. But we will not allow their evil goals to get successful.”, Manoj ensured.

“Now Revolutionary Goans will take this Bill to every village and every home of Goenkar and will start the awareness programs all over Goa. We appeal all Goenkars to unite for own existence in our own land. Together, we will create pressure on the Government and force them to pass the POGO bill.”, promised Manoj concluding the press conference.


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